Your Force!

Your Force!

Too many center their focus upon that which they’ve convinced themselves others wish to see. What others would be impressed by. What others want them to be. All of this is sterile and glitzy nonsense when it all comes right down to it.

In aligning and precipitating the peak force of our magickal power and spiritual strength, there is nothing more maligning for us than attempting to be someone or something that at our core, we know we’re not, and that we never will be!

It works the nature of a false facade. It’s a mask of erratic production.

It doesn’t matter what tradition or what manner your style or belief. What’s critical to the nature of all of magick is that you really do believe at your core that your way, is truly, YOUR WAY! It’s crucial that how you feel, how you relate to and embrace your tradition, how you enact your ceremonies, express your observances, and make your pleas; who and why you invoke upon creation to alter to your thoughts and your words, be entirely in-line with the force of your spirit and soul! Because if it isn’t, you’d be better coughing-off into the winds with what it is you seek from the adapting forces of the universe.

Yes, I’m a firm believer that creation alters of itself to our thoughts and to the force of our spirits. All thought contains purity, and that’s part of the vexing issue to it all. Everything in time adapts to that which we put forth before us. When we work so incredibly hard to express and put forth before us that form, that color, that sense of being which doesn’t tune-well with the core of our soul, the force of our spirit becomes skewed and the manner and the injunction of any ceremony or act of magick we seek to bring forth becomes just as erratic.

It’s sort of like traveling a great highway and intending to go northwards, but instead you’re endlessly navigating yourself on a widely skewed erratic circular motion. Will you produce something? Will your force adapt and alter of things? Oh, almost certainly! All thought produces the adaptation, the shifting of what is. The question is to what end? You’ll never really know or understand what or why something came about along your way, and worse, in some cases you may just be constantly working against yourself in the long-run.

In terms of the power and force of that which we seek to produce in our magick, always remember the following.

There’s an ultimate reason that the ancient soothsayers and the many legendary philosophers of the old ways, the old religions, and many of the new, all constantly used and use various and alternating expressions of the term: “I AM”.

You see…

“I AM” is a declaration of certainty to the universe, to ALL of creation! It’s an identification to the Gods of our surety regarding who and what we know ourselves to be. It’s a signature of ultimate proportions! This is why our surety relating to our own alignments of belief really are important to and for us.

It’s the key that allows us to unlock and open-wide the gateway of our own magickal power and strength. This is from where we discover and begin to truly embrace the core nature of the expression of our soul and spirit! To try and be anything else is a waste of absolute universal material!

Don’t be concerned with what you think others expect. BE what you are! Let that be your force!


Reverend William Devereaux Allan

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William Devereaux Allan

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