William Allan Lavey Vampire

Magister William Allan Lavey is a Vampire of the old world in the purest sense of the term. He harbors an ancient spirit, and is a powerful skilled and seasoned Psychic and Medium. He also however is a professionally and academically trained counselor, a healer, a teacher, a lecturer, a life-long practitioner in the occult arts, a tarot practitioner, a presenter, and a paranormal investigator.

He has a vast experience in the fields of counseling and human services and throughout the spiritual realm.

His particular skills in the occult and religion, in his education and training in psychology, philosophy and throughout other fields of study and practice, give him a unique capacity as a practitioner, a helper, a healer, a teacher, and as a paranormal and intuitive detective!

You may contact to ask him directly about utilizing his services, how he can and may help, and/or to inquire about his professional and paranormal detective consulting!

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