What is it to Be “Promethean?”

What is it to Be “Promethean?”

A fascinating level of parable and prime example was once made in describing that chance rare magickal individual in as being more the remarkable path-walker of the “Promethean”; rather than as that of the more commonly experienced opportunist in the art of Magick and Spirit, those seen as being jocular, or more modernly spoken still, “the popular.” Popularity does not equal powerful!

Why Promethean though? What does it mean to walk the “Promethean Path” in the art of Magick?

Well, for myself, I will describe it in 13 clear stations of way.

  1. Always seek your own expanding realm of illumination, awakening, and understanding.
  2. Always keep your magickal and spiritual options open! Never allow yourself to function from within an entirely closed box.
  3. Never sell yourself short! Plenty of people will try to do this for you!
  4. Never limit the scope of your magickal vision! Infinitum will always be your reach!
  5. Never believe in the falsehoods or the delusions of others warped machinations. Learn to always trust yourself and your own intuitions first and foremost. The intuitions of others must always remain secondary to your own.
  6. Never sell others short! Others have infinitum within their grasp just as much as you! Even if as yet, they still cannot grasp or envision such truth!
  7. Always remand your purpose relating to the vast and limitless powers of magick to and for yourself first, and then freely for others second in the same way without repose.
  8. Never paint false of yourself! Should you do so, it will always result in an unnecessary stumble.
  9. Never paint falsehoods of others! No matter in what or whom. To do so, will only negate yourself and diminish your own power in the end.
  10. Always remain open-minded about all and every way of believing, even if doing so runs counter to your own! There is incredible power and strength to be understood in all ways of thought. By casting a blind eye without a scant scent of understanding, you deny of yourself other threads from which to learn.
  11. Never engage an idiot.
  12. Never engage or entertain the greedy or the lustful for obscene popularity. Popularity will never equal Magickal power and strength! If you don’t believe this, in your own time, you eventually will so get used to the idea!
  13. Never lie to yourself about anyone, anything, or of any situation. Lay all bare and true before your own eyes, your own mind, and open to all your own thoughts. From this, there will never be a surprise to throw you aside.

You see, to be “Promethean”, is to be embracing of every single element found and made use of the power of magick, spirit, and of creation! The truly Promethean individual is one who doesn’t deny of themselves anything, or of any understanding that may serve to make them better, greater, more powerful, and of infinite strength and spirit! The other thing is however, that the truly Promethean individual must also be willing to share this revelation freely with others in order to lay firm their own foundation!

All that is, if said “other(s)” are or is in the least bit interested in hearing and learning at all. If not, then alas, keep to yourself and continue on your journey!


Rev. William Devereaux Allan

© Copyright 2017

WD Allan

All Rights Reserved


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