Warlock & Reverend No More!

Warlock & Reverend No More!

I’ve arrived at a rather personal decision that’s important to me and I wanted to share of it and make it known publicly. It’s one that won’t impact much of anything really with regard to anyone else, or to what I do professionally. Except in that it cuts to the core of how I will identify myself formally and personally from now on in all of my subsequent writings, in all of my work, in all appearances, and from now on and in my community associations.

As of this date forward; I will no longer associate myself with and I hereby reject the titles referencing myself with or acknowledged as “Reverend” or “Warlock” and/or any diluted derivations thereunto. The honored reference as a practitioner “Witch” I will respectably and humbly abide due to the many deep and honored respects and friends of so many that I hold association with. But, no longer will I be using any of these references connected toward my name and work.

You see, eventually we all reach a point in time where we begin to adhere to a more personal sense of spirit and a core alignment in where we find we vibrate at our best and finest. It’s that place that harken’s to our core fundamental frequency. It’s that place where we come to realize that we were always at our best, where we “are” at our best, and where we remain at our finest. It’s that place that “IS” me. That is “WE”.

Over a long-time due to many past and concurrent duties and responsibilities, due to many community associations, as well as countless other considerations I have identified and associated myself with several honored labels or “titles” if you prefer, that spoke to duties and responsibilities that have been carried out.

Now, apart from the title of “High Priest”, which I do and will respectfully accept and cherish only in that its bestowed from a Temple Organization and in association to the legal ordination that I do and always will deeply embrace, serve, and take an active part therein, I will from now on adhere to the shine of my own sense of spirit.

From here onward the ONLY title I will herald from now on and accept associated with my work and life is that of

“Magister” William Devereaux Allan

This is the identifier that speaks most closely to and of me, it speaks Magickally for me to my soul and spirit. For me it best serves the communities that I embrace, those who have been and do remain my “true friends”, those whom I cherish, and to that which I feel best accommodates my spirit in what I do and to those I now choose to associate with, and don’t ever be confused about this last point. We all “choose” our associations, we’re never pressed into them and I suggest that you do so very carefully with crystal clear conscience and absolute dedication of thought to yourself and to your own path.

In so as to all of my previous published essays and works that have the honored “Reverend” and even some with ‘Warlock” connected to them, I cannot, and I will not attempt to chase them all down in order to adapt of them. They may all remain as they are.

Thank you for your understanding! If anyone has any questions, please feel most free to contact me at your leisure.

Best to all!

Magister William Devereaux Allan


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