Trusting of Few

Trusting of Few

There’s an old saying relating to trust that unfortunately bellies the manner of it for both good and/or worse. As it speaks, it also rings so true. Plainly because it is.

“In order to learn if you can trust someone, its first necessary to risk the trusting.”

Everyone by their very nature wants to feel as if they have people in their lives in whom they can feel trusting, trusted, valued, and especially honored.

Everyone as a matter of their experience will also endure the pinion of despair that is a betrayal of some trust they promoted.

It’s a real bitch isn’t it, when you learn that the faith you harbored for some, in someone, in that you somehow knew all along was but false, but you risked it anyway? Perhaps by virtue of your own gut intuition you may have felt, or even intuited the beckoning: “BEWARE.” When then, you trusted anyway.

Why? Because it’s in our nature to yearn for a sense of genuine honesty and good will from someone else in whom we seek commonality. It may even indicate the pairing nature, or even the want of a sense of community for ourselves. In truth however, the bare facts are that few truly adhere.

This leaves the general spirit of worldwide societies with the emerging truism: you will try and try and, most heartily, yet the piling of facts and the footsteps you plant upon your path will eventually supplant the theme whereto: Trust few, and in closeness, trust even fewer.

I recently expressed a thought to this, which I suppose inspired this Blog. It speaks a lot to this theme in these some of our most recent difficult days. If not also to those that lie ahead for us all.

“Those Monsters with friendly faces and their tainted pirates smiles, they who are so countless and suave; beware those popular, and in they you do not really know. Beware the motives of those you consider “saintly”, those seemingly all-knowing, and especially those so powerful and all a-do.
You see. It’s usually the way of the Angels among you, they who bear deep scars, are usually those who are more retained, genuinely quiet, and reaching heartfelt though but to a few. These more congruent souls, many remaining quiet, silent, and reposed, are awaiting, and retaining of their integrity’s cast quietly, and aligned, in the shadows.

Such souls are commonly labeled as “elitist”, aloof, thinking “better than” of themselves by their detached behaviors. When the more common reality is that such souls are merely careful with their bonds, cautious of being burned yet again, and no longer willing to rush-in where so many angels have yet to still tread.

Look. The reality is that for me, in my work, and among the upheaval displayed by people, the community, and even of the nature in most of the world right now, in most things I tolerate. In many things I understand. Many things I give leeway, and even a liberal amount of my levity. Three things however that I will never abide in my life, or anywhere near my sphere, and that which will earn permanent negation of mere existence from me in every possible way, is to exhibit any of the following. Be the thief, the back-stabber, and the worst of them all, the liar. Lie to me, thieve against me or of those I know, or back-stab me or with any of those I cherish, and you’re simply done with me. Forever.

Trust is something that, yes, is earned. Although, in order to spell-out its truth in life, it’s also necessary to take a risk in order to vet the very nature of our trust.


Rev. WD Allan

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WD Allan

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