The Psychic, The Client, and a Self-Fulfilling Prophesy!

The Psychic, The Client, and a Self-Fulfilling Prophesy!

“The Fire” I’m not referring to the fires of hell mind you. You see, after you’ve walked through the fires of hell and death, and then having emerged from it again, any meaning to the looser stigmas associated with such images carry no fear for you any longer. No longer do you fear or have any mortal dread for something that you know cannot hurt you and that cannot affect you any longer. You’ve already lived it. “The Fire” that I refer to is the fire of the soul, the fire of the spirit! It’s routed right from the fire that is our magnificent capacity to touch onto and make of creation what we will!

The psychic medium must sometimes weigh the necessity of disclosure to a client with the possible probability that such individual(s) may in fact also be incredibly susceptible to the manners of, and the power and inevitability of some form of a self-fulfilling prophesy due to what they feel, hear, experience, and what they listen to.

People by their very nature carry the capacity to create anything they so wish of themselves and their paths. Sometimes in not-so brilliant a fashion. Thus, the psychic in some cases must bear the responsibility of being arbiter and judge, and to be professionally and knowingly responsible to and for the de-facto informed consent associated with a client and in what they might envision in the way of more-dire possible circumstances relating to the cycle and the path of the client’s life.

It really matters not to the tapestry or the way of the reader and of their own specific talents and sensitivities. Anything that we divulge and in whatever form we disclose to the client is something that we as readers are wise in staying sensitive to.

Much of life, and in fact, let’s be brutally honest in this. Everything that we form along our way is a thread passed through the universal needle of self-fulfillment in one form or another. We fulfill our dreams and our wishes. We tend to form and fulfill our fears and our questionable causalities. We even form and fulfill our worst and most dreaded of outcomes at times because we have spent so much time and energy in attempts at avoiding these situations; that we unknowingly lay the path stones that work to sway our movement right onward towards them anyway.

It does the psychic, the reader, no favor in adding to that formula for a client, and certainly not for ourselves!

I recall that it was Israel Regardie who once intimated that we as living spirit wrought beings work Magick all of the time, in all of our waking moments, whether we want to admit it or not! This and we bring into our own creation everything and of all things born out of our incessant desires and repulsion for what it is we believe we wish for and especially what it is that we dread we just might wish for! Hence, when practicing Magick in any form, especially in old and very ancient paths that can and do carry incredibly profound consequences, we must always stand wary of those, our most profound of strengths!

For it’s in the habit of casting aside the conscious recognition of our own infinite powers and strengths for Magickal creation, that we may in fact lay the path leading to ends we never really intended for in the first place.

Intent is a funny thing.

Intent is the source of all the power and strength we put forth in our Magick, in our waking and walking desires and wishes. Funny thing is that it can also be the source of manifesting our worst nightmare scenarios.

Sometimes we as readers would fare due justice for ourselves, and for our clients, by thinking first about what and when to disclose when it deals with very sensitive information. The same is true for our Magick, for our practices, and for the nature of our alliances both personally and spiritually.

All Illumination!


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