The Power of Magick in “YOUR OWN” Words!

The Power of Magick in “YOUR OWN” Words!


Not Anyone Else’s!

Words evoke energy. They evoke spirit and soul. Words indicate creation. They mark paths in part, and in whole!

The statement that “spells are formed in spell-ing” is both a rather crude modern novelty of thought, as much as a literal translation indicating the forces that lie behind all manners of personal magickal creation. The realm of all practitioners and of all spirited paths in magick understand that words are the crux of the matter in all magickal expression, though it is not the basis of its initial formation! Magick begins in the soul, it is expressed through the shine of the spirit, it is nested and given its focus through our core intent. Then and only then, can words express and be given the power and the meaning that resides within the woven texture of all spell-ing, of all magick, of all creation!

It’s not usually related all that often outside of magickal circles, that even among the many non-magickal gatherings of other forms of belief throughout the world, that prayers and observances of all forms, to the minds and in the beliefs of the magical path, these expressions are also the magick of the spell expressed in other ways. To us, we view the forces as one in the same.

This is why it is taught and passed between virtually all circles and codes of thought in magick that, we would always be wise in how and why, and in what forms we choose to focus our energies, our wishes, and our desires to that which we use to form our spells.

For it is usually in the simplest of our thoughts and words, in those most simple and truest of “intents” that we will and do invoke creation!

When we choose to display of ourselves in a false shade against the shine of the moon and the sun, to the witness of both the light and of the spirit of the darkness, we obscure of our own spirit against ourselves and we then give away some of the nature of our power to others. This is why I have always been stringent, in all of my writings of magick and of spirit, that we all must never give away of ourselves that which truly aligns us with our own understanding of the Gods, the Goddesses, to that of God and in how we align our own sense of creation with it!

This is why I always take notice of those who write and speak in falsehood versus those who express honest intents in their words. This is why I continually align myself with souls who honor themselves in a purer sense of spirit versus those who use, abuse, and who misuse others for their own purposes.

If you are a writer, and if you really and truly seek to express your own understandings of magick, of the Gods, and of the magick of creation through your writings; I would also plead the following!

Don’t be coerced to write in any other particular fashion to suit another’s arrogance of opinion, or to serve their own predilection for their own understanding of the perfection of their own popularity. There is a reason that you have been called to express yourself, and yes, this is in itself, a GREAT FORM OF MAGICK TO BE HAD!

Instead, write as “your” heart and soul indicates. Write as your spirit moves you. Those who are driven to write of magick and of spirit are frequently called to do so for a reason. It’s a matter of the soul. It’s a matter of the spirit. It’s a calling to an infinite form of Magick! DON’T EVER BELIEVE OTHERWISE! For many would rather confuse you of these intents! For you to stay loyal to your own purity in magick, reduces the abusers own power! This is why there will always be those who will seek to work against you!

Your “calling” as it were, could just be your reason for being here. In choosing to relate of yourself in any other way just may be a waste of material, not to mention letting others put their own brand of Magick, into your own spells.

Stay true to yourself! In the end, if you do, all else WILL work out!

Trust in this my Magickal friends!

Peace and Illumination!

Reverend HP WD Allan

© Copyright 2016

WD Allan

All Rights Reserved

*****I very much wish for this to be disseminated! Feel free to copy and re-print this article, along with appropriate credits for the author! – Rev. HP WD Allan*****


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