The Power in Temperance

The Power in Temperance

Temperance hails of insurmountable Veils!

There really is an incredible source of power and strength to be embraced, when you make the habit of temperance your style in life. There is a river of unseen presence. A fount of undisclosed understanding. A reservoir of unrevealed capacity. Temperance harbors much more than just a manner of personality. It is the seat of a rising wisdom. Not to mention the dam allowing us to ever build upon an endless and infinite reservoir of power and strength!

Don’t laugh, this is not in any way meant or intended as some sort of a jest.

It’s been said that if you want to see a powerful person, look at the one who is standing in places you cannot easily see.

Long ago however I was taught to pay more attention to those who stride the shadows. I was charmed to seek out a deeper understanding of those who stood in the background, because it was usually they who had a much more intimate perspective than those who insisted upon centering their brows in the spotlight. I was told that you have a better chance of gaining an understanding of the revelation of yourself from such a place. It was here, in such shadowed places, where those who in fact sought to always know more, indeed gained more, away from those proverbial heated spotlights of fame and eventual flounder.

Ok, enough of the philosophizing, for now. Let’s get to the bullets (meaning good natured of course.)

Why Temperance over the blatant aggressiveness of unrestrained expression? Well, I was taught that:

  • Temperance = POWER

Power in Magick! Power in Perspective! Power in Personality! Power of Consciousness!

  • Temperance = STRENGTH
  • Temperance = WISDOM

It’s true. If you allow yourself the luxury of a withdrawal from much of the insanity of all of our “BUSY-NESS” that our world so demands and commands of us all nowadays, your inner-awareness expands exponentially! The reality is that the more-BUSY that we are commanded to be, the less we reveal of ourselves and of our reality to ourselves! We become more and more like automatons, robots; we recede from ourselves and transition into being more the dullards that elite elements would rather we be!

It’s a great place from which to enslave a populace. Sorry, but it’s the truth… and most of you know it is.

  • Temperance allows unrepentant revelation (It allows untainted perspective that could otherwise force errors in judgment, errors in perspective, errors in decision-making.)
  • Temperance releases us from those unnecessary affectations and manipulations by others, and of ourselves. (It is here where some of our greatest mistakes tend to begin, and unfonrtunately inevitably, end.)
  • Temperance affords us with better decision-making, wiser choices, more accurate self-assessments that lead to wiser path-choices.)
  • Temperance better clears our minds, it clears our sphere, giving us time, space, and a cherished place from which to gain a better clarity of ideals, thought, and of spirit.
  • Temperance keeps us from shooting from the hip, in any potentially hazardous situation.
  • Temperance allows us to delve deeper into ourselves. Into our art (as this may be for everyone individually), it paves the way into our dreams thus making them real for us.
  • Temperance allows us to choose our boundaries, to vary our shells of defense, to learn the art of inner and outer tactics of the mind, body, and soul, and of the “word” that will help us to succeed along our path.
  • Temperance makes our Magickal efforts better, wiser, clearer, more-firm, and more choice in and of our own conviction for our own movements of mind and spirit. (No need to display what this would result in. You all know the answer to that one!)
  • Temperance is a directly proportional quality that has a directly influential line to those rises and flutters in our levels of inner revelation of the truth of our soul, of our true power and strength in reality. The truth to our Magick! When we think aggression and unrestrained blind-expression is the best path to our true levels of power and strength; of magick, of manifesting our thoughts and actions in any way, inevitably we learn that it is that more powerful soul who walks in a state of shadowed choice, of a restrained thoughtfulness, than that soul who blindly lets flee everything rage-ful, and hateful, and angry, from at the center of any part of themselves.

The path of life, whether sun, star, or storm, are better survived and realized in the art of a temperance of ourselves.

Give yourself the seat of power and strength that avails in choosing your own time and the place for your art, for your Magick, for your strikes, for your compassions, for your intuition!

Temperance is POWER!

Darkest Blessings!

Magister William Devereaux Allan



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