The Path of Personal Power!

The Path of Personal Power!

The greatest of all aligning forces that we have at our grasp, in creation, and within ourselves, is that honest and gut-raw self-perception that we are being unfailingly honest and truthful with ourselves, about ourselves, and regarding our purpose in life!

When we are being honest and truthful about ourselves, within ourselves, and of our world; we also begin to become more powerful than we could ever have believed possible!

In what ways do you measure yourself?

Well, have you ever heard the term:

“Perception is Power?”

Oddly enough as the old saying goes, how we see ourselves does indeed set the tone to how we are inevitably perceived by ourselves and by others around us! This is why being truthful with ourselves and of being truthful with others is so important to the path of our own true power in life! As a result, this is how we come to really believe in ourselves, and as a result, this affects our belief in our own perceptions of our inner-power and strength!

More importantly is how we nest ourselves within these tones! These end up being the real gateways to our own sources of inner-power and inner-strength! It is through such thinking that we are then eventually perceived by others!

Seriously! Think about this for a moment. In those times and in those moments when you were certain that you were absolutely “clock-on” with how you felt about some-thing, with what you knew to be true, and regarding everything relating to what you were headed for in your life, what were the inevitable results? Let me guess!

Even with all of the challenges and the obstacles that littered your way, I’d be willing to wager that you eventually surpassed even your own expectations of yourself and of your own abilities when you were sure of yourself and when you were unfailingly truthful! This is because, aside from all of those who would rather you considered yourself as being limited, unworthy, and incapable; the brass-tacks is that you dawned to the gateway that lead to your own sense of inner-power and strength! It just took you some time to realize it!

Oh yeah, there are plenty of pseudo-marketers of the mind, the soul, and yes, of the pocketbook and the billfold who would just love to use terms like, “Laws of attraction”, “network marketing”, and “social networking” as ways to order and to try to compartmentalize and to reign-in the thought processes of others they might benefit by!

All this really serves in the end is to craft of itself convenient recipients for incredible and colorful marketing strategies that really benefit only a rare few; and RARELY IF EVER, YOU!

Do you think of yourself as powerless?

Then change it!

Do you think of yourself as incapable?

Then ditch it!

How about feeling “not worthy”, and “not able” to rise to the occasion of successes in this life because so many others just always seem to get there and do it before you do?

This sort of self-trash talk will diminish your effectiveness in so many countless ways.

The truth of the matter is that the Magick that forms at our core, and that which IS our inner-power and strength, is and can be seen and felt by others all around us!

When we finally think, speak, feel, and then communicate what we know to be the truth of ourselves, is when people, situations, our path and the world all around us will acknowledge this same sense of truth!

These are the beginnings of the real sparks of Magick that we all have within us, and that we have all sought in our lives!

Perception IS the gateway to POWER!

Intent is its formula!

Peace and Illumination!

Reverend HP WD Allan

© Copyright 2016

WD Allan

All Rights Reserved


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