The Magick of “The One”

The Magick of “The One”

We always leave something of ourselves in the wake of what once was.

We always effect unalterable change just by and for our very presence.

We always leave some part of our essence, some part of who we were, we imprint of ourselves constantly along our way.

In every choice and every decision we make, and in every act we partake, we change things irrevocably from moment to moment. Lives are shifted and altered all the time with every day that comes and goes. We gain of alteration in every new moment, in every new day, and we leave behind us some-thing of ourselves in every single vibration that we manifest.

It can seem miniscule as we view ourselves in such a universal perspective. One little influence upon creations muster and multitude. How can that possibly matter? How can one meager soul possibly matter to the way of all things?

Well, we could begin by trying to grasp the effects of all of these changes, as in the masses of the whole of creation act and bend, wave and send, of and always gaining alteration upon the universe. Yes, masses of people can and do effect momentous changes, monumental changes when they act together in some grand unison.

“The one” though?

How can the effects of one single soul, in one instant, in one act, possibly matter or effect of anything that could shift the fabric of creation in any irrevocable way? At least in so as to make changes that alter things intentionally for either better or worse.

Can one act of magick be the flashpoint for universal alteration upon personal things, upon all things?

Well, we could recite the philosophical nature of chaos theory where the butterfly effect is concerned. Edward Lorenz described a deterministic nonlinear system in which he stated could result in much larger and more expansive differences in later emerging states of reality. Even Einstein disclosed his sureness in the lacking quality of mathematics to determine the actual nature of reality, or in what we perceive as all of existence. In this view, Lorenz postulated that if a butterfly flapped its wings at the right moment and at the right instant of time, in the right place, and in the proper wave of dimensional reality, it’s any effects could potentially cause a hurricane across the oceans in China.

If we were to take and ponder of such theory, and then think on all of the insurmountable possibilities that could arise and thus expand from the effects wrought in one-single-act-of-magick upon the nature of reality, upon life.


Just imagine!

Do you think that you can’t make a difference?

Do you REALLY think that you can’t change your life?

Do you really think that you can’t alter and change the life of another, or pray ponder of the world on the whole, with your one-single-act-of-magick?

Just imagine….

Just imagine.


Reverend William Devereaux Allan

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William Devereaux Allan

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