Solitary Strength

Solitary Strength

“Originality thrives in seclusion” Tesla said. Strength and focus of spirit and conviction in the course of magick is much the same.

When we diffuse the elementary nature of ourselves, in any way, we also diffuse and run the risk of diluting the absolute power and strength we have vested in the magick we perform and in the strength of spirit that we, in many ways, seek to call upon throughout so many courses of life, magick, and among the spirits.

Have you ever thought why it is, that the lone practitioner in the art of magick and spirit, that sole shadow walker, that quiet subtle mover, tends to also be the type of soul who the world often casts a heightened fear and trepidation upon the most? One reason may be because in this lone spirit, in that shadow walker, that mover who seeks and needs no other force or soul in or near their own proximity in order to do what it is that they do; this soul albeit tends to also flower and thrive most furtively when they are all alone, and foremost, in that their solitary nature makes them a type who can almost never be thoroughly or entirely predicted. They are vapors of movement on the fringes, unseen, unheard, and rarely noted. These souls have the benefit of an uninterrupted and unassailable singular focus of mind, spirit, and purpose going for them in what they seek, and in that which they do. Not forgetting also that another of their benefits is that such souls also usually do what it is that they do very well in their own right.

Their type and tone of magick and spirit work isn’t of the thread to usually be diffused by anyone and rarely anything. It’s an undiluted expression and force of intent and spirit that carves into and throughout the ebbs and flows of the universe. Their workings by virtue of how they do, what it is they do, is also benefited by the noted absence in any outside influence in the surrounding energies of others risked being too close to their sphere. They don’t tend to struggle with any undue parry in their focus through the unfocused intents and markers of any others as can frequently be the case in all sorts of disparate circles. Such types of practitioner, such types of spirit and soul seeker, is the type who truly benefits as well as constantly benefiting in walking the paths of untrodden exploration in so many ways and of so many venues and realms that are rarely experienced by many others.  

Such souls harbor the benefit of being able to almost seamlessly articulate 100% of the intent of their spirit and of their magick in one focused line of force, one action of their own intent, one set meaning to that which is their purpose. The arc of their spirit is frequently thought of as being unconventional to many others in the realm of the craft.

Yes, of course there are no doubt choice benefits to be had within a circle. More common circles are a gathering of souls and spirits, heartily benefited from the conjoined sense of want, of desire, of a living present placement of support, and of course for their own levied celebrations.

The one however is nested, running the chance and benefit of being more frequently always focused for themselves where and when they so desire. The originality of the one can more freely alter and vary the yearning and the calling of their own spirit as they will, immediately and without any hindrance, without exertion from anyone else. By expanding the realm of their one focused spirit, unchained, not manipulated by the machinations of others, this powerful seeker and practitioner may benefit by freely reaching outward and yearning of and to the elements of creation thereby discovering paths and ways leading to their solutions in a manner that parallels the universal archetype of those paths less traveled. Connecting with all that they can, in one way, for their own reasons, and moving the forces of their spirits outward beyond the veil and partaking of all it is that they seek to do.

The solitary practitioner, the sole seeker of magick, of soul, of veil and spirit, of psychic, and many other ways, is one who has usually, not always mind you, but has usually chosen and embraced this way, this path, for any one or a number of their own reasons. To seek their sense and state or power and strength by their own nature, this way works best for them, and to discuss the subject with such a soul it quickly becomes apparent to the listener that these types of individuals would have it no other way!

Can then it be said that in reviewing Tesla’s assertion, of that: “Originality thrives in seclusion?”

I can personally assert that, yes, indeed, this is so!

I can personally support the assertion that, in my own experience over my many years of working in this realm, as a practitioner, in my psychic ways, in my spirited ways, there is indeed a sure sense of inner and outer freedom of spirit, of will and intent, and of spirit, to this often misunderstood and far too often cast off way in the world of the magickal practitioner!


Rev. WD Allan

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WD Allan

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