Social Media Versus Life!

Social Media Versus Life!

All in personal perspective mind you. There are some basic and bare truths to the reality of all of this social media that I really do feel and have observed that most don’t, won’t, or wouldn’t dare to really entertain. For if most did; literal paradigms of preferred fantasy-worlds would indeed fall to bits and ashes at their feet.

I can recall the day when the whole realm of what has now become known as “social-media” first began to rise up its bow like a dreadnought nuclear sub from a dark and foreboding sea. In those days, it all at face value seemed like a rather novel and a fanciful idea. All that is until the vast personal and global impact of what it could and would really mean began to become realized. Today, the whole fabric of its tapestry is being used to replace what we all once knew as friendship(s), kindred-spirits, and yes, sadly, even family.

The rules are striking, basic, but inherent and elementary. How they impact all our lives now are a truly terrifying formula to behold.

Yes, terrifying to be sure! You cast doubt on this you say?

Perhaps…. Just for a moment however, several observations come to mind regarding all of these so-called “friends” “connections”, and personal networks on social media that are working at re-weaving the very core of our personal tapestry. Regarding all of those “friends”:

  1. Just how do you define that word “friends?” Among you out there as you risk your friendships on facebook and those social-websites, in truth, there are few if any who would actually effort a step or an inch across the mildest of streams to ever aid you in your life or anyone else’s life, and if need be, to stretch any part of their elbows that wouldn’t also serve their own ends.
  2. There are no such things as allies on social media, PERIOD! There are only longing beneficiaries seeking something in the bargain and if we believed otherwise, we would be sadly deluding ourselves.
  3. Everything that we encounter throughout social media is a lie, a gathering of glitz, here-say, and veiled back-stabbing. What we encounter on the pages and the throws of facebook and the likes are in truth, “fantasy” like a dark shimmering boozed techno night club. It’s akin to a vast and endless video-game that never really serves any true quality but that always will suck us dry of our own life-force for our own living sense of power and posterity.
  4. See that person you just friended? The bare chances are that he or she is not really your friend. The fact is that he or she really couldn’t give a rats-ass if any of us lived or died, succeeded or failed, rose up to prominence or sank into despair. Our life really matters little to nothing to them. If you’re thinking otherwise, please do yourself a favor and stop! You are worth better than that!
  5. All of those Icons, social media Barons, public figures, cult fixtures and the like who you feel so warmed up to because they “friended” you and they somehow now seem to refer to you as their “friend”, and now you feel like you’re in their circle? I have some striking news! You’re not their friend and you probably never will be. The hard truth is that they most likely don’t and won’t ever really care about you. The only thing all of those names really serves more than anything else to them is the balance in their underlying bank accounts and the virtue that you add to their own sense of stage worth! The harder truth is that most of these figures probably don’t even like most of the people that they meet online and quite probably the same is true for those they meet in-person in this world! The wider chances are that most of them don’t like most of the worthy souls who risk to follow them, to “friend” them, and to add them onto some online social circles! The truth is that all of those names, all of those networks, all of the “circles” that add and include your name along with theirs serves these people and their own bottom line in some way, period!
  6. The more difficult fact to face is that, pray-forbid, should one of the names on these individuals so-called “friends lists” of theirs die tomorrow, yes there might be a sad emoji posted onto some thread somewhere in relation to the passing, but that would probably be it. The now passed face would hardly if ever be set onto any part of their wall(s) and certainly never to be set into a silver frame upon their personal desks. That now gone soul’s reputation wouldn’t be lauded or remembered by them for long if it is at all. In a mere day’s time, or sadly sooner, that name, that soul’s very presence would most likely never be uttered or referred to again by them. Most are forgotten to the sense of personal magnificence that is ripe throughout social media. While there are exceptions to these rules; overall, it remains true!

Hard facts but true! When we face the reality of these truths, then so-called social media begins to take on its appropriate perspective! It’s a misnomer to the things that ARE life! To the qualities that are real and do really affect all of us throughout our days. Online people turn on each other, talk behind each-others back’s, stab one another, and degrade one another throughout the pages of social media just as they do, if not more-so than you will encounter in your “REAL” life! Face it!

What you encounter and who you encounter on social media, is all little more than mental and emotional masturbation serving little to any of that which could or would ever help you to rise up as a better and a much more powerful individual!

Like a Methodist Minister I once knew said: “It might be about time for a come to Jesus moment!” Although in my own case, perhaps it might be better off referred to as:

A come to Goddess moment!

How’s all of that for some come-up-inz?

As I said, just a personal observance.

Reverend HP WD Allan

© Copyright 2016

WD Allan

All Rights Reserved


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