So Many Things Have Changed

So Many Things Have Changed

It’s not so hard to realize that now many things have changed.

Many whom you thought as friends, you’ve learned never really were.

Places that appeared so enchanted and grand, you realize, now no longer are.

People you thought of as celebrated, you learned the hard-way, rallied false.

Social website places you thought of as welcoming, you’ve learned, really aren’t that social at all.

Where once we gained of our power and strength, from the vicissitudes wrought in image prolonged.

We now dawn to the truth that in forward moving days, our real source of might can only be found at the center of our own soul.

No, not to we, relegated through any celebrated figure, or in songs obscured for their sail.

The only songs that matter and power, are those sung in the melody of our own calling soul!

Yes, things have changed, and yet so much still the same.

For in and of that strength, that power we seek, is never found through another’s ill-gotten-fame-gain.

💀Everyone wants to hear and understand.

Yet, so many fail to stop, and truly listen, and think. 💀

WD Allan

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WD Allan

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