Sigil’s and Signals!

Sigil’s and Signals!

It doesn’t take a great amount of empathy or perception to put together the reality that we all live in difficult times right now. Not a day goes by without being exposed to some form of news that another tragedy has taken place. That another life or lives have been lost. That the world has again spiraled just a little bit farther into the abyss of what can only be described as some form of a collective insanity. As I’ve related in other pieces I’ve written recently, this isn’t the first time that humankind has witnessed such times. Such periods are written throughout the landscape of our history.

The differences today as opposed to past ages however is the intensity of a collective awareness that separates this current age from those of the past. Oh yes, there is a marked difference, and below the surface of everything that rises all around us, we all know it somehow. Everyone knows it deep down to their core almost as if its somehow ingrained into our DNA.

This is why there is so much being sought right now in and about spirits, the mind, the soul, of Gods, of God, of Goddesses, of the angelic, and other realms being openly talked about as it is. Everyone knows on some level that there are core elementary changes being readied for us, and yes, it is coming, ready or not!

In times like this many spend increasing amounts of time in all sorts of ceremony of some order. All in order to try and balance themselves off and to try and center their sense of spirit for their path of life amidst such trial and continuing conflict.


Well, more than any other mover, we know that within us is an infinite transducer of communication to other realms and dimensions of existence that can and does aid us, it helps us; we swing open channels and avenues of strength and power and try to focus them back unto ourselves.

Many in more modernist conventional religious circles simply attribute their channels to prayer, which others duly understand is just another form of Magick brought into being. Then there are others who seek the older ways of reality, to seek to integrate their Godly signals and sigils to their own senses for the many diverse and interwoven sparks of creation that they have more of an influence upon than many others might like to admit! We all do!

Why do we seek to center ourselves in such attendant quiet thought within our ceremonies?

Well, mainly because we know, instinctively, that instead of extending our vocal chords to the cries of creation alone, that our true strength and our infinite conviction of spirit is most focused and most impacting when we use those natural and infinite channels of soul and spirit that we all harbor within us!

We naturally know well-enough to try and seek to communicate and to align our senses and our perceptions of spirit by looking within our own thoughts. We do so by yearning for power and strength from within and from powers greater than we alone. As we practice and observe ceremonies of many types, we also seek our own channels of awareness through meditations, and thus yearning to powers that be in all of creation to open wide and align us with our own perceptive and collective thoughts.

THIS is why we know that meditation is more than mere ho-bunk! We know that its activates and opens wide natural channels from within ourselves to the rest of creation!

This is also why most know that there IS INDEED such a thing as Magick in our realm! A Magick that is called by many names and is attributed many labels and faces.

Yes, Magick is indeed the science of nature! It is also the science of the soul and the spirit working in collaboration with the rest of creation in order to bring about changes in our own reality!

This is why even science is careful of over criticizing this word! They aren’t really sure how to try and thwart the very insinuation of its effects upon our universe!

After all; how do you disprove the existence of God, the Gods, the Goddesses?

How could anyone or any institution cast a firm negation onto the sources of life and the constructs of that which is understood as the reality in which we reside?

They can’t…

And as time moves on nowadays in all of this upset, and turmoil, Magick and spirit continues to ascend!

As do we!

Peace and Illumination!

Reverend HP WD Allan

© Copyright 2016

WD Allan

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