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There seems to be a certain amount of misinterpretation surrounding my Pentagram Logo and all that it symbolizes for me and in my ongoing work. It’s a misunderstanding that I do appreciate! Resulting from a lengthy discussion with a very dear friend regarding this matter on so many levels, I then agreed with her that perhaps the time had come for me to detail just why it is that I chose and adapted its symbolism, and to detail just what it’s power means to myself personally, in my work, and to others throughout the world.

I completely and entirely understand and appreciate the fact that there are many who would take it on first glance as being representative of my possibly embracing the Theism of Satanism in my life. Very plainly and factually this is not the entire truth in my mission and regarding said declarations regarding my work.

I do not follow the path of Satanism in my life, or in my work. Although I do and will state that nor do I separate myself entirely from its tenets or in its adherence. Pointed and complete.

What I shall declare is the following. What I am and consider to be the core of my path is that I walk within darkness and I stride of the light, both in form and in spirit! I walk and express myself amid and within the powers and the spirits of both darkness and of light. I walk and I wait, I reside and I sleep, I meditate, and I wander the path of Magick, I work the realm of the energy of existence, and I embrace the understanding that we all are expressive of the power and the strength of darkness in our lives, just as we are comprised of the forces of and the brilliance of the powers of light! Thus, my path and its symbolism is expressed in no veiled segregation to this reality for me, and yes, this would include some vested principles from many forms of belief. I consider myself a Dark Path Hermeticist. I also however do include and adhere to other ways of thought. 

I’ll explain by walking you through my Pentagram and attempting to explain how it depicts just this very principle of the Spirit on my path.

My Pentagram heralds a depiction of a pentagram that has been in print and form a long time before Magus Anton Lavey adopted it as his churches symbol. In fact, according to Lavey’s own words, he himself described how and why he chose to adapt this symbol for his own use. The inverted pentagram in printed form can be traced back in modern literature into the 19th century and in ancient stone etchings and script long before that.

In my case, I use it as I do as an exhibition to the active presence in life of the presence of darkness and of the presence of light. Let me try and explain:

In its form, my pentagram is indeed one half-inverted which notably points one of its peaks to the bottom noting an acknowledgement of the spirit and the ways that darkness is expressed around us, through us, and in our lives and our spirits. The alternating peak at its opposite side is the other masculine spirit that reaches for the power, the forces of, and the spirits of light and in all of the ways it empowers us!

The alternating and surrounding arms of the pentagram depict the universal points of the compass of the spirit of our being that are always in action, from every vantage point of our spirit!

The inner figure is indeed reminiscent and representative of the figure of Baphomet, a central figure of Laveyan Satanism, as well as of many reaches of belief stretching back to ancient Egypt and Sumeria. On my pentagram, it has been adapted and articulated with the scroll-work of a more eloquent nature. On my pentagram, this is Baphomet, but also representative of the spirit of the Angelic and the Goddess and Godly central and ultimately representative of the power and the forces of the Mother Goddess who also is represented by the rising divine feminine of the upper portion of the rising pentagram on its top! The masculine is depicted by the peaks on both upper and lower.

Around its circumference on its inner-line, there are four symbols in angelic script noting the power of and influence of the Archangels Micha’el at the top, Gabri’el on the right, Azra’el on the left, and Sama’el at its base. The fifth angelic symbol which is inclusive to the power of the angelic spirit of my pentagram is Rapha’el nestled at the forehead of the Baphomet at the center of my pentagram.

In whole, my pentagram can and does appear as being many things to many people and in the end, I can do nothing about personal misunderstandings that are just not fact or may not be entirely factual and nor do I expend my time attempting of any excuses. Nor would you for your ways of being.

In my case and for me and in my work, this pentagram is symbolic of my embracing my path. The path of one, namely myself, who walks between and embraces the powers of darkness and expresses the powers of the light.

Thus is why I recognize myself and do and will to the world forever herein as:

Magister William Allan Lavey

It is my ultimate hopes that this page now helps to clear away any remaining misunderstandings that members of other communities might have relating to me, my symbology, and to that which serves my heart, spirit, and my soul!

In Peace and Illumination, I remain Your Humble Servant!

Magister William Allan Lavey

(Post Script: While I certainly do indeed agree with many of the thoughts and the social and spiritual beliefs that over the years Magus Anton Lavey discussed and revealed in his many writings, none of the aforementioned however, relating to my Pentagram are in any way meant to or intended to associate, add to, or to detract from such Organization’s representation; for I respect ALL ways and every way of belief as I have revealed in my many numerous writings, in so long as such ways seek to bring harm to none in its Theism up to and including oneself. I honor Magus Lavey in every way and his spirit influences my steps today in so many ways!)

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