Magical Souls We All!

Magical Souls We All!

Insight. Strength. To power effect upon creation. The altar of enacting healing. The presence of supplanted vision. To touch, to perceive, to embrace the ether that always resides just beyond the boundless thin film that borders our way between there, and here. The capacity to alter the nature of, and the fabric of consciousness, and shifting the very substance and the value of our surrounding world.

These are qualities not only being capacities of the wondrous, the magical, the elucidators of the wills of the Gods, of God, of the Spirits. These are things, as all such things, that are the realm of all living things.

There is no form, no word, no void, there are no symbols or parable phrases that by themselves can impact the capacity to ignite the limitless potential that resides within creations reach. The nature of the affectation of reality is a river of being, that always provides new breadth and breath with each passing moment.

The staff, the cane, the cloak, and the fawning new grown leaf. The slow circling of the scent and the air of incense and the sparking of spice. The candle, the root, the symbols, and the utterances of soulful words, all are in the path of so many cultured ways of conditioning and disciplining ourselves to crack open the doorway just a bit. A way of culturing ourselves to work the core potential and the intent of our will upon that which we dare call our present yet reflexive reality. Not to forget of course, that remaining far, far, beyond.

Yes, there are plenty of charlatans, false flippers, and snake oil peddlers topping their soapboxes upon your handhelds.

There are innumerable brands and ways, countless varieties of every craft-full flavor, a limitless spread of shade from light to dark, in many tastes and varying spectra of spirit walkers, and yes, practitioners in magic to move you along your way. Although that’s not so the real question now is it?

So many valued and mountains of vision and spirit are in the world right now it seems. But why?

Because for every worker of the marquis of magic and of Earth-born-root vision, for every folder and flipper of the card, and for every flicker of candle-magic, there are hundreds if not thousands who continue to seek-out their own tapestry in revelation in any way they would may. As the world continues to seemingly spiral out of control, the innumerable ask the questions that they feel deep in their hearts just might provide meaning to some of it. Some meaning to they.

Who am I? Why am I here? Why all of this? What do I want? Does my life have any real meaning? Where am I going? What will I achieve? What can I achieve? Will I always be alone?

Why can’t I see the answers to these for myself, you may ask?

In truth… You can. Everyone can. Everyone has the spark of spirit thus necessary, the candle-flame of intuition woven into and through the texture of their souls. Why then seek another to provide some degree of elucidation?

Well, it’s because “sometimes we also need something with skin to remind us” just how powerful, and how true, and how capable we are. Then again, sometimes, we simply need someone else to be able to objectively wade through the mire of bullshit of just too much going on in and around us. Even the most powerful of practitioners requires an objective glimmer to clear their way from time to time. Someone who can help wipe away the fog and the fodder. Someone who can help further awaken a sense of the magic of creation, from its albeit momentary slight and slumber.

From there, wonder also awakens.

So how then do you tell the stone true chit from the many gutless campfire charlatans?

By keeping your eyes and your minds open. By trusting your guts. Trusting your senses. Trusting that little voice that bides you that another is deserving of a “beware” or “tis be true”. By seeking the key of your own insight into that which feels “true” versus the snarky, scheming, fooling smiling pirates of false popularity that are so wrought of their own “snake oil.” There is a vast chasm of difference, if only to be known.

Always remember the old saying:

“If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then most likely, it is a duck”, and also worthy of a right and loud “fuck-off!”

You hold the very same power and strength within you that every other soul among you is capable!

It’s just that, sometimes, a clear mind’s eye, and an objective seeker, a worker of the realm of magic and soul, can help to open that gateway before you.

All Illumination!

Rev. WD Allan

© Copyright 2017

WD Allan

All Rights Reserved


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