Loyalty the Elusive Enigma

Loyalty the Elusive Enigma

Trust is one of those characteristics that endlessly taunts at our sense of spirit for the endurance of fellowship, as much as loyalty is that elusive enigma to our enduring experience. Loyalty fleets in want. It tugs at our hearts. All the while affording us with a command of such strengths as only the challenge of adversity could ever draw forth from within ourselves.

To want of loyalty from another soul is natural for our own soul. It cries out for a sense of living symmetry that is expressive of how we know the core of our being to reside and in how we subsist. Yet, its experience as we all know, is quite another thing.

To experience of loyalty in life is like sipping at a fine wine, or to taste of a speckle tart rare nectar from the forbidden fruits of the garden. Its desire may be a natural inclination for us. But, its experience is a desert of sand, laden with but few of the rare oasis that is, revelation.

To where we make our passages of life, to the multi-lane highways and byways that we’ve been told are parallel paths of which we all experience, the clever truth is that nothing in life is of any scant resemblance to a parallel concourse. In fact, where the likes of that herald of loyalty is concerned, each and every path moving onward couldn’t be more disparate and abstracted from one another if we could even try to remain more unmatched from one another.

In truth; in friendship, in marriage, in association professional or proud; in support of and thereto, or through makeshift veils of kin or false bravado; to experience the purity of loyalty in our lives, to embrace of its comfort and its unbreakable support, we would bide ourselves wiser and well in first being loyal to ourselves. Thus then afterward allowing the magick of its creative force to emerge in our way following that which we support of ourselves, and then, allowing it to be introduced into our way thereunto.


You see, loyalty, true and lasting loyalty is a machination of the mind, made manifest from the symmetry of our soul. It’s a want to move us towards a state of symbiosis, a synergy of common soul to the force of a common sense of spirit. It’s a purity painted in our minds by Davinci, sculpted into our skin by Michelangelo, and ignited into our hearts by every holy thinker from the paths of Buddha and Christ, to the vestiges of the Gods and Goddesses who did and do still yearn that we should learn of ourselves and our absolute nature firsthand and best, before attempting to induct ourselves into the pureness and infinite realm of the Gods.

In short. If you want loyalty to be shown to you, try showing it to yourself firstly. After which, if then shown to you by another, you’ll already be well acquainted of its warmth to recognize its adoration.


Rev. WD Allan

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WD Allan

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