Left Hand Path? Right Hand Path? Just What Ignites Our Greatest Power and Strength?

Left Hand Path? Right Hand Path? Just What Ignites Our Greatest Power and Strength?

Our greatest power and strength, is in what we’ve naturally harbored deep within ourselves. Away from prying eyes and minds, scheming intents, and abusive machinations. Yes, there are those who would feign just about anything in order to win what they savor, pray to win your favor; only to then, cast you away to the winds once they’ve gained what it is they wanted. Its always true. Be selective of whom it is you choose to let through. That cherished gateway that leads to the REAL YOU! This is your GREATEST SOURCE OF POWER AND STRENGTH! Saddest thing is, most won’t really care to even acknowledge it. Let alone, to embrace it.

The countless spend their time ruminating upon some extreme minded vision that they’ve set into their minds. They’ve convinced themselves that in order to remand themselves of some illusive vestige of the power of the ages, that they have to set their feet onto the path of some recollected archway of eternal alchemic or elusive truth, when the reality is much more intimate, much more laden of the things we’ve all been endowed with from the very beginning.

These are the things that the control freaks through the ages have fought and struggled to keep us all from realizing and embracing. It’s been enraptured into the very fabric of our existence and these controlling elements of belief and societally structured life damned well know it always has been. Why else would every gathering in every council, of every body of holy seers, every priest and servant, and all forms of holiness from the scheming echelons of the Pharisees, the hidden councils Babylon, and Sumeria, right on to the leading locked vaulted blocks of the Holy Catholic Church; and most others as a matter of fact, all work so hard to keep people from embracing that inner power and strength that would serve to counter absolutely every controlling machination that have up until now served their every want and wish?

Yes, it’s mostly the reason for every hated and repelled action that was ever put into play against mostly all forms of pagan worship. That which hung and burned every form of what became known as heretic, heathen, witchcraft, as well as so many other forms of non-conventionally acceptable controlled belief.

Just consider it if you will. What could possibly frighten the controlling robes right off of the old world powers that be more than to face the reality that people had actually learned that all of the power and strength that they could ever want, wasn’t contained in a bishops cloth, or a silver chalice, or all wrapped up in some theosophic concept. But that it was availed in that which they harbored right within themselves! Now that would be something worth guarding against to the minds of the church-wise powerful. And It was! And it still is considered: the secret of secrets!

An eternal center of absolute power and strength, the creative force of all the ages right in our very hands. The absolute nexus that passes unto us all between the realms and all worlds, of spirits and flesh, the unleashing of the indulgences of endless pleasure and ecstasy. True happiness realized, without a bow to a robe, a miter, a symbol, and a collar.

Would such appellations be worthy of a crier’s bell?

Such thinking can earn the label of the arch-paganist of the left hand path, a levy leaning towards anarchists thought, the splitting from conventional societal more’s and in a tradition being of a complete rebellion from what many consider the right good social order. Yet, what stay of “order” is truly ordered and ordained, if it also indeed succeeds us onto the path of a denial of our true selves? What does it serve to tear us apart? What does it and who does it serve to shunt our just purposes away from that which is our innate legacy from our own core and that lights the sparks of creations muster itself? Yes, this is at least in part what is referred to as “the left hand path”. Any other ordered and sparkle-lit flutter of the right hand path would intercede into very little if any of such thought.

So, to what is it, and how do you veil yourself of your own sense of path and personal want in creation?

How do you define yourself and your own path?

Certain Left Hand Path adherents would assert that we are incarnate and deserving of every stitch of our own power, our own strength, all of our pleasure, and that path woven right into our being and we need no permission or endowment to serve it to us in benefit to or for anything. That the source of our true ultimate power and strength is right within us and always has been!

Certain Right Hand adherents would in their turn encircle themselves of their own brands of esoteric teachings and mysticisms, much the unfortunate handling of that which has become more abstracted and altered over time, through languages and cultures, in so many countless attempted written works by so many alternating and veiled minds and personae that have now served more to just water-down any of their original meaning. Yet still, they do seem to serve.

Look. Nobody is saying that there is any wrong way or any right. There isn’t! There is no wrong way, or any right way to any of this. There is just simply your way. That way which you so choose, and as usual, the reality of any path, left or right, dark or bright, east or west, dim or cast, there really is no purists pose to any of this. ALL paths in their own way tend to serve and fall underneath that great bell curve where we all reside. A conglomeration of all of the universes creations, where there is no such thing as one single spark of purity. ITS all pure in its own way.

You choose, and then see for yourself.


Rev. WD Allan

© Copyright 2017

WD Allan

All Rights Reserved


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