Fear and the Double-Edged Sword!

Fear and the Double-Edged Sword!

“There is no illusion greater than fear.” – Lao Tzu

Trouble is that sometimes that which we imagine to be mere fearful illusion, can sometimes, somehow, suddenly emerge before us as our scant reality. There are you see incredible collective creative forces winding about through the fabric of fear. Much of that most won’t, or pray, dread so much that they dare not even care to consider any of it being real for an instant of their thoughts. These are those dark shadows of the mind that quickly retreat into the corridors of what Freud long ago identified as his ID. Today, we more commonly call it simply, our unconscious.

 Fear you see is a monumental motivating force. It can be a source of incredible faint and dread. It’s an absolute undercurrent for rivers of unresolved anxieties and panic. It’s also a natural survival instinct instilled within us allowing us to avoid those countless dangers for countless millennia and more of avoiding and escaping natural predators.

Fear is, as the leading quote leads, by and large one of our greatest mindful illusions in life. Steering and navigating so many aspects of the path that unfold before us. All of this, and yet still, it can rival just about any other force of creation that we ever engage.

Why a double-edged sword however?

Well, fear as many things are in life is a uni-polar quality with no discreet beginnings and no absolute ends. It runs the routes of both the rational and the irrational. The boundaries between the two are frequently a blurred canvas to our expanding and dissolving sense of reality. On the one hand we can react to either real or imagined impending threats, injury or harm; and thus, the nature of that referred to as “fight or flight” can often take over before we know it.

The creative forces of reality don’t really care to discern between what we think of as imagined versus what we react to as instinctual. What we think is what becomes. As René Descartes wisely foretold: “I think, therefore, I am” – “Cogito Ergo Sum”. Thus one of the tantamount aspects of fear for us. It is the, shade of our shadows. The spirit’s biding our dreams. It is the self-fulfilling prophesy some pray for and that which others so dread.

Fear is based in the rational. Fear is based in the irrational.

So too, thus, sometimes the nature of fear can be nested and sharpened on both sides of the sword of magick’s creation at the very same moment in our time. Now there’s a cinnamon bun with your morning coffee that rare ever we consider. Just grapple the postulant results abiding our way when and if we coalesce the spices of both colors of the rational and the irrational into the cauldron of our creations mix? When things are right and tight? When things are down and dirty? When things are sad and blue?

Yet, we base our decisions, our path, our way, with the bricks and mortar of what we truly believe, or at least, in what we take for granted is a trueness to the recipe we stir each and every day; and this is why the irrational can be just as creative, just as forceful, just as impending as what emerges for us in what we absorb into our way.

For if life and if that which many embrace as being right and true for the force of their own path of life, then perhaps life itself might remain just as real and just as absolute in what they both choose and not choose to envision? Thus is reality painted in our lives in both the rational and in the irrational nature of what we fear, and of that we do not.

You see, we hold the capacity to irrationally fear a way of being, a way of thinking, of acting, of retracting of ourselves with such positive and absolute dread; while also letting it emerge right before us like some 1930’s Universal Monster Flick, and then we wonder where in the hell this all suddenly came from?

Then again, we can rationally be in great want for some state of being, for some manner of living that we so ardently desire for and work so hard for, yet while also inadvertently blocking and shielding of ourselves from letting it become. Then we get so incredibly frustrated as to why these things never seem to emerge?

Now, expand your abstract mind into this last bit!

Imagine both of these states, intermixed and stirring about all at the same time?



Both tend to pan right through, all so true for us.

The double-edged sword of creation works in both ways!

Worth considering eh?


Rev. WD Allan

© Copyright 2017

WD Allan

All Rights Reserved


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