Convergence Approaches “The Others”

Convergence Approaches “The Others”

There’s a time of walking, and a time to run. There’s a time for lightning, and for thunder to become. There’s a time for chatting, of debating, and for lore. There’s a time for solitude, for quiet voices to endure.

Then, there’s a time that comes every so often in scant generations. Sometimes in an eons age. Sometimes at various moments and at times passing and in the presence of a special generation. A time of making. History has seen and witnessed such approaches.

In this age, our age, there are so many running, so many avoiding, so many fearful, so many in wonder next of which turn if any?

Many laugh. They take the rise and the shadowed presence of “the others” of the world, the pagans, the psychics, the mediums, the witches, the underworld societies, of subcultures all their own, who silently move and protect, and who whisper their ways through the night shades and in the shadows.

Many in these shades and shadows have for a long time noticed of the approach. They have known on an entirely ethereal plane of their own subconscious awareness that there is a time and a shade of awareness approaching its new dawn. The time is soon now.

The time is gathering. We are gathering. As so many are gathering. Beginning to gather their spirits together, not in unison, not in conflagration or in rogue.

They know, that there is a convergence which approaches, and it means something.

In fact…


Everything to a sense of spirit, to the fortitude of life, and wonder, and of being. Not in being as the wreckage of the past would cling onto a sense of what was arranged as an ordered society of reticence and subversion.

A convergence of mind, spirit, and will, passing onto a new plane of being!

A convergence, for those, together.

All Blessings!

Reverend William Devereaux Allan

© Copyright 2017

William Devereaux Allan

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