When in the tides of chaotic times, when you find yourself knee-deep and encircled by the whirlwind bogs of chaotic people, wild unrestrained energy, and matters that seem to keep storming you; why not take a primary lesson from those masters of old? Take a lesson of their understandings and from some variables through their philosophies where chaos was concerned. Such philosophies were generally centered and powered basically in “Three R’s”.

R – “Reinforce” your personal power and strength! Mentally. Physically. Spiritually. Resourcefully!

R – “Redirect” all of that which doesn’t benefit you in some way! Act as a circular redirection engine clearing yourself constantly of all the unnecessary, and to absorb and embrace all the beneficiary!

R – “Realign” like a prism focusing all the power of the energies of the sun! Do so with chaos!

Reinforcement: Personal elegance and individual conviction is glowingly indicative to how we are choosing to live and embrace of our own sense of power and strength in life. It doesn’t suffer the trials of or the machinations of chaos. But rather we choose the route of a determined personal acquiescence. Power is chosen. Strength is fostered. Determination affords you with the capacity to persevere and to achieve and then to demand supremacy over the delegations of chaos in your midst. By reinforcing your insistence upon your instructions to the commanding forces of creation, you also reinforce your own shields, your fields, and your expansive capacities! The best and the most insurmountable veil you can ever place between you and the nature of chaotic insanity, is to embrace its energy, then to reproach the conditions that it fields around you, and then in your insistence to make it work for you, not against you!

Redirection: The real tick and key to surviving and flourishing in chaotic times rests in the individual and the collective capacity to “redirect” the unnecessary, and to then embrace the the beneficiary! Send away the unnecessary. Spin it about and then let go of that which doesn’t serve your benefit. Release all of it to the consideration of some form of oblivions fate. Hey, this is exactly what nations commit military forces to and fore. This is what the great Halls of albeit “Representations” have been formed to parlay, when it ever indeed happens, and in that they do so. In a personal tone: POWER AND EMPOWER YOURSELF! Encircle the chaos! Redirect what you cannot make yours from your midst! Be an engine of your own benefit, then make it forthwith and done!

Realign. Realign yourself. Realign your energy. Realign your spirit for your own life and being! Realign the vital essence that makes up YOU! Wherever, however, and as many times as you find it necessary for the better being of your own needs and your own path! Do it to the insistence of your wants and desires! Do it to empower your aims in life. Reassure yourself of your own personal sense of power and strength and don’t ever be afraid to use it, AT ALL, both in and to your own force and favor. Yes. Reserve your actions where you find it appropriate and necessary, but only in so far as you find it necessary to do so. BE like a prism focusing the power of the energies of the sun! Do so with chaos to your own benefit!

Above all of this, take heed. Don’t ever allow fear to feed your own sense of resignation! For its that very fear that will negate you to every and all ends if you allow it!

Darkest Blessings!

William Devereaux Allan


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