Being Insignificant!

Being Insignificant!

Prefer to be seen as being insignificant, rather than a looming significant threat. Prefer to be perceived as being powerless, rather than a force of being always ready to take, or break, their hold. Prefer to be judged as being nothing more than a shadow to the intentions of they who mean you little to nothing more than angst and/or ill.

Indeed, when faced with such abusive people on your way, you’ll do yourself a favor by facing that such individuals are rarely ever sourced from the sorts of intentions that act to promote any real and indelibly vital true inner power and strength. Instead, these types have learned to attack life, and as a result, most others they cross paths with from a warped repertoire of their own staged false sense of greatness. While lacking any scent of the adept to their damaged personalities, eventually we learn that the core motives driving them are resolved in being nothing more than an expression of their own overblown and crippled manipulative egos, feeding their as false bittersweet foundations that unsteadily lie beneath their own feet.

When this type of individual, or anyone generally for that matter, see you as being insignificant and in what they resolve to be of an unthreatening quality, not worthy of their respecting notice; you then have gained an opportune placement from where to take an untainted notice of everything that these people really are, and of the world around you. It’s a place from where you may settle calmly and gain the necessary perspective you require for any want of a deeper bit of thought into whatever it is that may be taxing you.  

Being insignificant is a place powerfully positioned for the fundamentals of retrospect, a place perfectly constructed for a consideration to the nature of spirit and magick, and of course, of that far beyond. It’s a place of universally unrestrained uninfluenced ubiquitous perspective. It’s a movable position of ideal stealth of being. It’s an unrevealed chess piece on the board of your own scope, that few, if any, would ever consider to be as the knight on the board. Instead, it usually remains always taken as being just a hapless and insignificant pawn.

Trust in this!

This is precisely where you wish to be seen. For in being passed off as “being insignificant” to the nature of others, to that of the manipulators, to the mind of the abuser, to the machinations of those souls wrought by the ill passions of their own want and greed, is usually the sort of place from where, total and absolute thunder eventually comes.

NO! You’re not a punching bag for others, so stop acting like you believe that you are.

NO! You were never created to be servile to the wants, beatings, and the ways of other’s warped and ill-woven minds. So don’t act like you are only worthy of such a station in life.

Your path is yours. Your dreams are yours. Your steps, your magick, every thread that you so delicately weave into your own tapestry, that which becomes you, is something that YOU decide upon and make real.

Guard it. Defend it. Cherish it.

No, you’re not insignificant at all. Unless that is you really want and do suck up to the idea that you are. If this is the case, well, you’d better lose that idea really fast before it really does start to take you over for the rest of your life!


Rev. William Devereaux Allan

© Copyright 2017

WD Allan

All Rights Reserved


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